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The smallest Lash in our range! ON SALE

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“The final touch for every Doll”™️

▪️ Luxurious 3D Mink Lashes

▪️ Black handcrafted cotton band

▪️ Wearable 25+ times

▪️ Animal cruelty free

From our Platinum range “HOT MESS”

▪️ Suitable for everyday wear, smallest Lash in our range. Very Black, imitates the look of mega volume Lash Extensions with their whispy appearance

Short, jet black, everyday wear!

Naturally whispy & fluffy mink Lashes that imitate that mega volume Lash extensions coverage, the blackest of blacks. Our shortest Lash in our range but don’t let them fool you, the appearance that your lashes are jet black and shorter than the rest gives a look of fullness just like Mega Volume Lash Extensions. 

With such a luxuriously soft Glam look these Lashes are suitable for everyday wear and are a perfect fit for those that wear glasses too!