About Us

With a strong passion for the Beauty industry from a very young age, the founder of Dolls By Tash has created a Luxurious Brand

We strive for our Strip Lashes to be used by Lash Artists & worn worldwide, from salons to celebrities, With goals like that we knew Dolls By Tash Lashes had to be one of the most Luxurious products

With such a high demand for our Products, we are finally ready to expand & introduce our very own line of Lash Extension Trays & Lash Supplies rebranded under ‘Dolls By Tash Lash Boss’ which is basically anything and everything Lash Related.

With our main headquarters being Sydney based, our Aussie Salons and Lash Artists no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars on shipping costs to get Quality products into the country. We work very closely with reputable suppliers that have helped create brands known and recognised worldwide in the UK and the US, for privacy reasons we can’t disclose brand names.... sorry Dolls. But whoever has tried our products know that we don’t compromise when it comes to quality!

After all, our products really are

“the final touch for every Doll” 💋