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With a strong passion for the Makeup and Beauty industry from a very young age, the founder of Dolls By Tash Lashes has created a Luxurious brand which is on its way to dominating its market in this competitive industry.

We strive for our Lashes to be known and worn worldwide, from salons to celebrities, With goals like that we knew Dolls By Tash Lashes had to be one of the most Luxurious products of the highest quality and we have no doubt that our Lashes will leave a mark on the beauty industry.

We have included other Beauty products such as Tanning, Skincare and Makeup to make our site a one stop Beauty Destination for all of our Dolls. We will slowly be expanding and stocking other Beauty brands in the coming months for your convenience, offering you all of your beauty needs and you don’t even have to leave your home!

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We are all about customer satisfaction and cannot wait to share our Lashes with the world.

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Dolls By Tash Lashes

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