Become a Brand Ambassador

We are always on the lookout for Brand Ambassador’s to join our Lash Family 

If you are an experienced Lash Artist who is passionate about what you do and post amazing photos across your social media platforms regularly then we would love to hear from you!

Whether you are trained in Mega Volumes or just Classics is irrelevant, we are more interested in your own unique style!

(Please read through all the requirements & Benefits before applying)



▪️ Must be following all of our social media accounts on Facebook & Instagram

Usernames: Dolls By Tash Lash Boss

▪️ Unlike most other Ambassador programs we have no minimum requirements on your Instagram followers. We are more interested in your talent, passion & uniqueness!

▪️ Must Promote our Brand every chance you get e.g Facebook groups, forums and also Tag us in all posts where our Lashes or Lash products were used @dollsbytashlashboss 

▪️ Must include us in your Instagram bio: “@dollsbytashlashboss Brand Ambassador” or similar wording if you are officially selected to be a Brand Ambassador.

▪️ Encourage other Lash Artists to use our products

▪️ Show positivity and enthusiasm for our Brand by commenting on our posts and other Brand Ambassadors posts when you can so we can all come together as a Lash family with our main goal to boost our Brand and also bring more clientele to our Ambassadors, we want you to be busy Lashing!

▪️ Give us permission to repost and share your work on our social media platforms and our website 



▪️ Discounted products!!! The Discount level you are on will be based on the content you post, how passionate you are at promoting our Brand and how professional your images are.

▪️ FREE products will be sent to our most active Ambassadors with the best content.

▪️ You will be included in our IG group chat where you can share your posts so that everyone can show some love by commenting or even just a simple like button, the more engagement you get on your posts the better it is for your business and we want you to succeed!

▪️ You will be the first to sample any new products we release

▪️ Your work will be promoted on our Instagram and some may also be shared on our website too which helps you gain more exposure as a business.

▪️ Opportunity to wholesale our products at a lower cost than advertised. Strawberry scented Lash Cleansers, Lash aftercare products etc.

▪️ Afterpay is definitely a benefit! (For Australian checkouts only) Use your discount plus pay it off in 4 instalments.


To apply please send us an email including all of the following information

▪️ Full name

▪️ Social media account names

▪️ Number of followers (this does not affect our decision in any way)

▪️ A little intro into your business and how long you have been lashing for

▪️ Are you trained in Classics, Premades, Handmade volumes/ mega volumes?

▪️ Salon name or at home salon studio details

▪️ Postal Address 

▪️ Email address 

▪️ some recent photos of your best work or a link to your Instagram business page 

▪️ Why would you be the perfect Brand Ambassador?


If selected you will receive a personalised Welcome Pack as an Official Welcome to our Dolls By Tash Lash Family 

please send us an email addressing the above criteria and if successful we will get back to you within 10 business days.  

(We have had an overwhelming response plus are in  the middle of finishing off our ranking so it is taking longer than expected to get back to everyone we do apologise Dolls)




To all the Dolls that have applied, If you haven’t been chosen this time we just want everyone to know you are all talented in your own unique way. Your application may be perfect but your content may not be what we are looking for etc. 

Lashing takes practice and practice makes perfect 💖